Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We Have Insulation!!!

Guess what we did yesterday?? Yep...INSULATION!!!

Hard to believe I get so excited over a little bit of insulation but we have been waiting on this part to be done so we can move on the the next step.

A big thanks goes out to Arango Insulation out of Fayetteville, Georgia who were the only ones to take the time to really explain the options and to seem interested in taking on a job this small.  They will be getting the work for the rest of the house once we get it dried in.  They looked at the trailer last Thursday and called us early Monday morning to get out and get it done.  They were very professional and knocked it out in no time flat!  I was amazed at how well the stuff worked.

We went with Icynene Spray Foam in the floor due to it being more moisture resistant and mold resistant.  It wasn't the cheapest option as far as insulation but it's one of the best.  It has higher R-Value than fiberglass, cuts down on drafts, and helps block noise.

So, without further ado.... more pictures!!

Now we have to figure out how much flooring we need and get it ordered.  We have some salvage we plan to use but still need more.  Every time we cross a part of the build off the list, I do a happy dance!  One step closer to tiny living!  :)

A huge thank you to the guys at Arango Insulation Co.

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