Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Painted Lady!

We spent the weekend painting.   I've never really painted a house before.  And since Tiny really isn't all that big, I thought...how hard could it be??  Hmmm..little did I know right?  I have to say...I HATE painting!  I am glad it's done.  And that it turned out well.  I am very happy with the finished results. 

We chose a light blue grey for the main color and a darker grey for the trim.  I have always loved coastal houses painted in various shades of grey and blue.  Something about them inspires calm in me and reminds me of storm clouds, which I love.  Hard to imagine that storm clouds and calm go in the same sentence, right?  Storms have never bothered me.  I like to sit on my porch and watch them roll in. I love the scent of rain and the dark clouds.  

So, without further ado, here is our Painted Lady.  She is such a beauty in our eyes. :)

There is a bit of small work left to side and paint near the front door but that will be left until after we get the inside done and the appliances moved in.  That way the door trim and such won't be in the way.

Even though I hated painting, I am proud of how she turned out.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes with doing a job yourself.  It fills me with joy every time we finish another step in our build.  So yes, I may be sore as heck from the work but my heart is soaring.  I know I say it every post but I honestly can not wait til she is finished.  :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Siding!! We have Siding!!

So, yeah..we got our siding up!!   Can you tell I am excited to have it done?  I was surprised how well it went up.  Spent all weekend getting it done.  No major hassles or issues..and it looks great! 

1st board in place!  I was so proud.  

1st row done!So far so good! 

Going up nice and easy so far.

Almost done with the right side!

Right side done!  Doesn't it look pretty! 

The backside half finished.  Realized I didn't get a finished picture!  Silly me.  

Left side finished.  We are loving this siding! 

Here she is with a layer of primer.  Now she's ready for paint! 

We went and got a few samples of colors to play with and to help narrow down our choices.  We are both more traditional when it comes to house colors.  I have always loved grey houses.  So the ones I tended to lean towards where all different shades of grey.  Worked out for me as the colors we liked best were grey!  The main body is a light grey with the trim being darker.  I think both colors work really well with the galvanized roof.  Reminds me of old houses in seaside towns.  Can't wait to see her all painted!