Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Siding!! We have Siding!!

So, yeah..we got our siding up!!   Can you tell I am excited to have it done?  I was surprised how well it went up.  Spent all weekend getting it done.  No major hassles or issues..and it looks great! 

1st board in place!  I was so proud.  

1st row done!So far so good! 

Going up nice and easy so far.

Almost done with the right side!

Right side done!  Doesn't it look pretty! 

The backside half finished.  Realized I didn't get a finished picture!  Silly me.  

Left side finished.  We are loving this siding! 

Here she is with a layer of primer.  Now she's ready for paint! 

We went and got a few samples of colors to play with and to help narrow down our choices.  We are both more traditional when it comes to house colors.  I have always loved grey houses.  So the ones I tended to lean towards where all different shades of grey.  Worked out for me as the colors we liked best were grey!  The main body is a light grey with the trim being darker.  I think both colors work really well with the galvanized roof.  Reminds me of old houses in seaside towns.  Can't wait to see her all painted! 


Anonymous said...

Almost done with the outside!

Bridget Simpson said...

this is so cool... i've been looking at trailer homes for ages but I have to ask: weight considerations? are there any weight limits or regulations, and if so, how do you fit inside them? The way this house is made appears to be very heavy. Is there a weight limit on the chassis that you bought?

Anonymous said...

The weight limits are determined by the axle size. These axles are 7500lbs, and a new axle assembly runs about 5 to 600 dollars. So, if the weight of this trailer is too much for the axles I will probably add an another axle. It would be a pain but, its doadle! I'm the guy in the pictures by the way?!

Chrissy Stanley said...

Thanks for commenting Bridget. My husband is the anonymous commenter above. I hope he answered your question. If not, let me know and we will try again. :-)

Dylan Gallant said...

Wow you Guys are amazing great work, i was looking into building a tiny house but thought it might be impossible because i have two children (6 and 4) but this looks like a ton of room, i love this idea. do you guys happen to be in canada? i noticed the blogspot.ca? also what was the cost on the trailer if you dont mind. Thanks in advance

Chrissy Stanley said...

Hii Dylan. Thanks for the great comments. We are in Georgia. We spent a pretty penny on the trailer. It was $6400 new. We couldn't find one used and decided instead of putting our build off in the chance we found one used, to just pay extra to get started. As for more room for the kids, have you thought of doing two tiny homes parked in an L-shaped formation? That way the bedrooms are in one trailer and the bathrooms, kitchen and all in the other. You could even do a covered connecting walk between the two.

Katieanne said...


Is there a reason that you guys have the vertical boards on the siding? I am just wondering if you have discovered something that might be handy to know. Was it just a design choice or is their another reason?
I like the look of it! It seems to make the house look larger/longer. Anyway, I love following your build.

Chrissy Stanley said...


We went with vertical siding for traveling purposes(wind) and for the look. We wanted a traditional siding that looked good and withstood elements well. We liked the idea of cedar until we saw just how thin it was. We were afraid it might not hold up to wind while going down the road. Thank you for the comment and for following us! We love hearing from readers. :)

Katieanne said...

Thanks Sweetie.... I misspoke, I meant to ask why the window trim goes all the way to the bottom.

Chrissy Stanley said...

We did that to break up the full length of the siding boards (16ft) and keep an even line to meet up to. This way we didn't have to stagger our boards and everything lines up with no joint seams.