Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tiny House Living!

I'm sorry that I've not posted anything new in a while.  It's been a busy and hectic past few months.  We have been slowly working on tiny during the madness but it seems it was at a snails pace.

And yes, the title is correct...we have moved into our tiny home...FINALLY!!!   We've been out of our rental for a full month now and we're loving tiny living!  Now, this doesn't mean we are finished...we still have more to do but now the house is comfortable to live in.

It was a mad rush to get everything out of the rental by the 1st of November but we made it.  I have learned that my possessions owned me more than I owned them.  At first, I kept thinking that I should find good homes for things verses just getting rid of them.  I was able to do so with my antiques and such.  The closer the deadline came though, I was starting to sweat a bit at all the stuff left.  Finally, I started bagging things up and either donating the whole lot or throwing it away completely.  Being able to toss things in the trash was such a freeing feeling.

Once we got our stuff into Tiny, I realized we still had to downsize!  Really????  I may have a few bald spots from yanking on my hair!  We had to look at our possessions and "cut the fat".  We are still doing this a bit.  But we are getting things organized and in their proper place.  Since we haven't completed our second loft over the bathroom and other shelves, we are having to make do with the room we have.  The house looks a little cluttered but it's getting there and we can move around comfortably.

We have the propane hooked up and our little stove runs fantastic!  I am so happy with it.  It works better than my old full size gas stove.  The kitchen is laid out perfectly for cooking big meals, very space oriented.  We have been using the propane for the hot water in the sinks and for cooking and one 20lb bottle lasted us almost a full month.  We have recently installed a little propane heater but not sure how much it will use yet.  Only had to use it a few times on the lowest setting.

We haven't gotten the shower system finished just yet.  Luckily, we are only a few feet away from the shower in the barn apt we used to rent.  It's a bit inconvenient but worth it to not pay rent anymore.  We hope to have the shower done soon.

So that's a summary of how things have been going here.  Now for some pictures of our tiny house! Please excuse the mess. :)

We still have to build our overhead vent for the stove.  

Shelves need to be painted.

Our cat likes my handmade rug a lot.  

My stove has plenty of room for several pots at once.  I have used all four burners at once and had plenty of room.  Cooking up some brats here. 

We put up a black curtain to close off the bedroom.  It blocks the light from the front so one person can sleep while the other is still up.  It does help with noise as well.  

We have a hook to tie it back to when not in use.  This works great as I get up earlier than my husband for work.  He gets to sleep in while I'm getting ready.  

Our bedroom.  We put a shelf over the bed for books and such.  I made some simple burlap curtains for the side windows.  They allow light in but not a lot.  They help if you want to nap during the day.  

Looking down the hallway towards the front.  I have a small laundry bag that sits on top of the machine for dirty clothes.  Keeps a hamper from taking up floor space.   

So there you have it.  I'll be posting more soon...I promise.  We have a few things in the works now.  And will be adding more pictures as we figure out new ways to store things and make the most of our tiny home.  Thanks for reading!  :)