Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Many Things That Occupy My Mind...Scared Yet??

What have we been up to lately?  Pretty much just twiddling our thumbs and relaxing a bit.  Weather and daily grind have prevented us from being able to do much.  Building in the winter sounded good in theory. 

We have come to a small halt in the build process.  We are ready to insulate the floor and have found a local company that will do it for us at a reasonable price.  We have decided on soy based spray insulation.  It gets better R-Value than fiberglass and it also seals up better so you do not get drafts.  We also like the fact that it forms a solid fill in the walls and offers more stability.  This wouldn't be a big deal if the house was stationary but since we plan to move ours about later down the road, this will help keep the walls true.

The problem we have hit is weather related as usual in Georgia.  It's been cold, rainy and even snow and ice covered lately.   The foam has to be heated and stay a certain temperature to spray it in.  The outdoor temp must be above 40 for a few days.  And dry of course.  We are hoping to be able to move on it soon.  Just twiddling our thumbs as I said. 

On to other things...I have had all things tiny in my head lately.  I have been Googling anything and everything I can about tiny homes and space savers.  Space saving is a challenge and I want to find creative ways to do it.  From containers used in the pantry...OXO containers are on my radar, to linen storage...I'm thinking space bags!  I am always looking for neat ideas and would love comments on things you may use or recommend as well! 

I am also looking at things to replace electric appliances so we can save on the amount of solar we use daily.  One thing I plan to buy first is a percolator coffee maker! One I can sit either on the cook stove or the wood stove.  We are a family based on coffee and have to have it!
Remember these??

I gave up my dryer pretty easily.  I have always liked line dried clothes better.  When we were younger, we lived in a place with a washer but no dryer and found we did fine without it.  On days it's not perfect line dry weather, we hanged stuff inside and it did fine.  And there is always the laundromat if need arises.

I won't miss my microwave much either.  I rarely use it anyways.  I'll miss the option to microwave popcorn for movies but am loving the idea of JiffyPop on the stove again! Remember that sound?  And that wonderful smell? The memories of childhood ... yep gotta have JiffyPop!

If you are interested..there is a great shop out there specializing in simple living appliances and other things.  I love this site.

So until next time, have a wonderful day and dream big in small living! :)


Anonymous said...

Percolator burn the coffee with each perk. Better to get a melita type cone drip filter or get a french press type from a campstore such as REI. Much better.
Enjoyed your blog- the first one that uses the goose neck to best advantage. Good Luck. Bob

Chrissy Stanley said...

Thanks for the suggestion Bob. I hope to have more posts up soon. We loved the idea of the bed being over the tongue, frees up more space and not so much of a climb.