Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Says "I Love You" Better Than an Appliance??

We all want that special someone to buy us something wonderful on Valentines Day.  It makes us feel special and loved, right?  Well, all I wanted for Valentines Day this year was my new fridge for the tiny house.  And guess what??  I got it!  :)

It's a Vissani 10.5 cubic ft, stands about about about 5 foot tall. 

Most of the tiny fridges you see have the old wire shelves inside, which I hate.  Things tend to tip and spill easy if not placed just right.  I wanted glass shelves.  Also, most fridges seemed to have the wire soda can holder in the door and the other door compartments are not adjustable.  We don't drink sodas so that was a waste of space to me.  And I want to be able to customize my door to hold what I want.  This fridge has adjustable pockets and the "can" spaces can be used for other things, like butter and such.  It has two crisper drawers and plenty of space. It also has an actual freezer, not one of those little slots to put frozen stuff.  You know the ones I mean....they always get frosted up real bad and never fit more than a few frozen dinners. 

I have been eying this little fridge every time we went to Home Depot.  Counting down the days when we'd be close enough to the kitchen build to actually buy it.  Finally, the time has come!  And what better gift on Valentines Day??  I mean, love radiates from the kitchen.  It's where you cook your family food that sustains them. And we have all been told that old saying..."The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach".  Your fridge holds most of those ingredients to make those wonderful meals.  :)  I can't wait to see it full of food!

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