Thursday, May 8, 2014

What a View...Through Our Windows!

We spent the past weekend getting the windows in.  It wasn't back breaking work or anything either, which was nice.  The windows just seemed to pop right into place and not need a lot of adjustment to get them level.  We measured the windows really well so when we framed the spots in, they were almost perfect.  That saved us from having to trim out the holes more.  That old rule of thumb, "Measure twice, cut once"  really does pay off! 

Windows in the kitchen and bathroom, both sliders.

Windows in the bedroom area, bath, kitchen and living room. 

Windows in the living room, kitchen and bedroom area.   Opposite side of the trailer. 

Inside view looking towards the front door.  Please excuse the mess and temporary bracing still in place.  :)

 The light the windows let in was lovely and the breeze we got through there felt heavenly. 

 The bed platform windows are also sliders to get a nice cross breeze across the bed.

Lucky came to "help" out again.  He thinks he's the supervisor! 

Some of our neighbors came by to check out how the progress was going.  I think we have their approval so far. 

View out the living room window.


                View out the front window, overlooking the front porch where you can see Ronnie taking a break.

View out one of the kitchen windows. 

We are pleased with the progress so far and how things seem to be moving right along.  Now, we have to decide on the type of siding we want to use and get that going.  SIDING!!  YAY!!! :D

Thanks for staying with us on this journey!  We love having you along!

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