Friday, May 2, 2014

Dry 3, 2, 1!

We have moved past the main framing phase to the dry in phase!!  YAY!  Finally!  It seems it has taken us forever to get to this stage!  I can actually feel the space now.  I have a doorway I can walk through and window spaces to look out.  The dream takes shape more and more every day we work on it. 


We finally found the T-shaped wall braces we needed. 


We cut a small groove in the studs to insert the TWB brace.

The TWB brace in place and screwed down.

Both braces in place.  This helps true up the walls more and is a recommended part of building a tiny home.  It should help with any shifting you may get when traveling.  Our motto...The More The Better!

Here is a good profile view of what a Simpson TWB Wall Brace looks like.  The folded metal makes the brace stronger.  You cut a small groove into your studs at an angle and insert the folded part into the groove.  Then you screw it down to every stud. 

Now comes the sheathing!!  We used 7/16 inch OSB.  

If you look closely, you can see the TWB in place.

We got all the window spots cut out and ready for windows. 

Break time!  Next comes the Tyvek house wrap.  

We used the Tyvek tape over the staples to seal them up.

 We had the time so we put in the front porch window.  We had a bit of that roof membrane left and since it seals so well, we plan to use it over the screws holding the window in.  Hopefully this will seal in around the window better than just using the Tyvek tape.

Lucky is our constant "helper" and loves to be the center of attention.  He isn't afraid of loud noises or moving equipment so he stays around the project a lot.  :)

We still have to install the rest of the windows and build the front door but the dry in process is almost done!  We plan to install the rest of the windows this weekend.  It should be a nice weekend for working.  We haven't quite decided on the door design yet but hopefully we will have it built soon. 


Alan Plummer said...

Whats the TWR brace for chrissy? Forgife ke if I missed it, been adjusting to hours of some new jobs.....

Chrissy Stanley said...

TWB braces help keep your walls true Alan. They stop side to side shifting in the studs and overall wall. They highly recommend them for tiny homes due to moving the structure. It was an added support we went with just to be on the farther side of "safe" since we plan to move ours a bit. :)