Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Did Someone Say Rafters???

We had a lovely day yesterday and took advantage of it as much as we could!  It was warm and sunny..perfect for some more framing!  I even got a little color to my otherwise pale skin.

W finished framing the walls in for the bedroom area and rough framed in the windows.


See...I really do help!  Nailing down the top rail of the wall. 

 We built a temporary support for the main roof rafter.  It holds it in place so we can start putting up the rafters. 

Ready to begin putting up the rafters! 

We measured and got the angle cuts needed for the rafters and created a template.  We cut about 10 at a time to save time and energy.  Up and down a ladder all day kills your feet!


We were able to get a bit done before calling it a day.  We cut up several more rafters to be mounted the following morning.

  So far so good!  I love how things are coming together.  Every day it looks more and more like a home.  And every day we come one day closer to moving in!  :)

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