Friday, March 28, 2014

Let the framing begin!

When we first decided to build our own tiny home, it seemed like it would take forever to get to the framing part.  Yet here we are!  Framing!  To see the walls coming together is incredible.  My husband is quite amazing at all things and this is no exception.  He has been working during the week to get them up without my help.  And he's gotten a lot done in just a few days. 

He put down the flooring for the bed platform.  We used 1/2 inch plywood since it's going to be covered by the bed.  Nothing fancy. 

Laying out the by one.

All cut and ready to be screwed together.

One side up and another ready to go into place.  The hubby rigged up a nice support for holding them in place while he works.  Along the side of the trailer are slots for tie downs and such.  A 2x4 fit in them perfectly. He used 2x4s to hold the wall steady and then put a screw in the top to hold them in place temporarily.  Pretty ingenious, no?   

Second wall up!  You can see the support 2x4s peeking up over the top of the wall. 

 Better picture of his supports and how they hold everything in place for him.

Lucky came around again to offer a paw helping out. 

We left the tarp down over the floor to protect it while we finish building.  We'll cut it out against the wall when done. 

The hubby used 16 foot 2x4s to help true up the walls so he could finish screwing them in place.  Everything came out square and pretty! 

The walls of the bedroom platform are resting against the back there.  They will be put in place the next dry day we have.  Rain has arrived for the next few days. 

Not a bad start for only a few days.  The speed in which things keep moving along is still amazing me.  I am impatiently looking forward to move in day but it seems much closer now than ever before. 

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