Monday, December 30, 2013

Mother Nature Interferes Once Again!

Welding and rain just do not mix! 

We managed to get a bit of work in before the rain hit this weekend.  We worked on getting the metal support frame built for the bedroom platform over the tongue of the trailer.  We were able to get most of it done, thankfully.

Instead of going with a loft type bedroom like most tiny homes, we decided to build ours over the tongue of the trailer.  This way you just have to step up a couple of steps to get into bed.  The platform will hang out just a few feet, allowing us to build drawers for clothing and have a storage space also.  It's a bit hard for most to imagine looking at the pictures I took but I can see it clearly in my mind now.

It was a bit of work getting those beams clamped in place, level and spaced right to weld them!    


  The main side supports are 6 inch channel steel beams, weighting about 80lbs.  Ronnie's cutting them to the right size here. 


The cross beams are 4 inch steel I beams.

Once we had them clamped in place, we were ready to weld!  By that I mean Ronnie welded and I handed him welding rods and such as he needed them.  

He makes such pretty, neat welds. :)

We have a bit more to weld on the frame before it is done.  Once that's done, then it's on to insulating under the floor!  Yay!

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