Friday, April 15, 2016

Check In....About time, right???

I know it's been a while since I've done a post...been slacking off.  Laid back tiny living has been great.  It feels so good to not have a huge rent payment and all the utility bills that come with a conventional home.

I recently quit my job and the Hubby has gone back to work.  It's been really nice to be able to take some time off from the rat race and just enjoy the days.  It's been getting really nice here in Georgia.  We have been keeping our windows open almost all of the time, something we couldn't do in our rental.  Most of the windows didn't open.  As I write this, I'm sitting here listening to birds chirping and the cows eating hay.

We added a shelf over the couch.  Hubby used a piece of the flooring and bent some metal hangers for it.  It will hold a lot of weight.  I'm planning to make some colorful boxes to hold stuff in, so you don't see so much clutter.

Hubby has been experimenting with coraplast.  It's corragated plastic...the stuff they make election signs and such from.  It's pretty heavy duty and lightweight.   I had him make me some boxes for the shelf above the sink.  It has a funny pitch, the backside of the box has to be shorter that the front.  I wanted some boxes that used all the space available.

He made me these using election signs we "harvested" for free and some aluminum rivets.  They hold a lot of stuff and make the most of the space available.

I used some colorful duct canvas material and spray adhesive to cover them and make them pretty.  I plan to do the other two in a bright contrasting duct canvas to mix it up a bit. Hubby is going to make me some spoon handles for them.

We brought our old cat scratching post with a carpeted box on top, when we moved.  Squeeky loved sitting in the window in it...just couldn't take that away from him.  It was clunky and took up floor space.  We noticed he liked sitting in the window behind my chair a lot.  He would perch on the box with our range hood in it (still to be installed) and even sleep there.  Hubby decided to make him a cat tree.  He found a cedar about the size we needed and made this!

It is screwed to the floor and ceiling.  The shelves are wedged into the trunk and then screwed in place so they don't move.  We had some left over carpet from the loft attic so he covered the shelves in it.  We added some rope for him to scratch at and a dangling toy to play with.  He loves it.  He sleeps on the top shelf a lot.

Let's see...what else? Not sure if I've already mentioned our heater....but here it is.

It's a propane catalyst heater...smallest one we could find. ..and it is AWESOME! We used it all winter and never went above the second setting.  It  has a temperature regulator and kicks on only periodically.  The pilot puts out a lot of heat itself.  It's very propane efficient as well. We would use a bottle or two more a month than the summer...which still put our gas consumption under $70 a month.  We plan to build a wooden frame around it with a shelf underneath later on.

I'm working on another rug for the house.. made out of old donated jeans.  It's almost complete, just have a few more rows to do.

We bought a cool chair from Ikea. It's really comfy and I usually sit in it. Found a pretty cool foot stool that serves dual purposes. It's metal covered in vinyl and padded on top.

I store my current crafting project materials in it. And occasionally use it as a step I guess that's 3 purposes.   Squeeky likes it too. 

So, I think that's it for now. Will add more as we slowly get projects finished.
Thanks for checking in with us! ☺

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Anonymous said...

Since noone else will comment I will. This is the best tinyhouse ever!! That is one cool cat....... the chair is awesome...... and the shelf is sofa king cool!! The couch is also very comfortable....... I slept on it a few nights ago :-)

The Guy