Friday, June 5, 2015

Paint, Paint and More Paint!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate painting??  No?  Well, I do!  I'm not very good at it either, unless it's all one color and I don't have to worry about staying inside the lines! 

We have had some really rainy days lately, making it hard to do anything outdoors.  Which halts a lot of our build since we have to set the saw up outside.  So, we painted some things that needed it. 

We originally painted all the window trim in the grey we used for the support beams.  After painting the cabinets, it didn't match up well.

We painted them in the same colors we used on the cabinets, and they look much better.  I really love that creamy yellow!

The hallway trim was also grey.

We repainted it with the green color we used on the cabinet trim.

We painted the bathroom door.  The outside colors match the kitchen.

The inside color matches the bathroom trim color.  

Our multicolored door.  :)

Inside of the linen cabinet painted.  As you can see, it holds shampoos and other such stuff pretty well!  :)

Sorry the lighting wasn't the best but you can see, it matches the inside of the bathroom.  

We got the wood counter-top sanded and varnished.  We cut the holes for the plumbing and gas line going to the water heater.  This will give me a little bit more counter space.  The space below it is where our cat's litter box will go.  I'm thinking we'll have a curtain across the front to hide it.  Time to start looking for some old printed burlap sacks or something similar!

We are working on the screen door now.  We are making it ourselves, just like everything else.  Fighting the rain right now.  Pop up thunderstorms are frequent right now.  The ground is saturated.  It's bringing out all sorts of creatures.

We noticed this little guy first thing in the morning.  He's just chilling in a little bit of standing water.  What a great climber, to get on top of our ladder!  He's an Eastern Grey Tree Frog.

Several hours later and he's migrated over to my broom.  He eventually made his way off the porch and over to the tree in front of the tiny house.  Hopefully, he's content there. :)

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