Thursday, July 17, 2014

Problems, Delays and General Life Interuptions!

It's been awhile since we have worked on Tiny.  Close to a month now.  Life will find a way to interrupt when it can!

1st - Our 3 month old Dewalt table saw died on us. We went to work one day, plugged it in and went to turn it on and ....... nothing!  We took it apart and checked connections, looked for clogs and zip..nothing we tried worked.  My husband thinks it was either bad brushes on the motor or the motor itself.  So we called Lowes, where we bought it and luckily they have a 90 day return policy.  We had kept the original box and everything because we planned to sell it on Ebay after we completed Tiny.  We were a bit over but since we had all the original stuff, the manager was willing to take it back for us.  Bless you Lowes!  It wasn't a cheap saw!  So we got a new saw.  Went with a Porter Cable this time.  Plan to break it in this weekend.

2nd - The Hubby's sister bought a new house and it needed a bit of electrical work and various other minor things.  So, Hubby went to Virginia for a week to help her work on it and get it ready to move in.  She was extremely happy for the help and getting to spend some time with him.  We don't get to see her as much as we all would like.  They got her new home all squared away and it saved her a ton of money since she didn't have to hire someone to do the work.  Hubby was paid in lots of fresh coastal seafood.  Happy days for all!

3rd - My Dad was having some heart problems and trouble breathing.  His doctor ordered a Heart Cath to determine what needed to be done.  So we were off again, this time to North Carolina.  They found an 80% blockage in one of his arteries but good news is they got a stint in and it looks good.  The rest of his heart was in good shape the Doc said.  He stayed overnight and was home the next day.  It is amazing how they can do things so quickly and without major surgery now.  He was breathing better and everything after.

While we were there, the Hubby noticed how rotten their front porch was.  It was bad when they bought it, about a year ago and gotten worse.  It was done cheaply and not even attached to the house.  So while we were all at the hospital, he rebuilt the deck and stairs.  And it is now attached to the house with bolts.  It turned out amazing.  I wish I had taken "Before" pictures so you could see how bad it was.  I did take "After" pictures though!

Mom plans to make a decorative concrete walkway up to the porch with a poured pad in front.  It looks so much better now!  And the haze in the picture is from the humidity that morning.  It fogged my camera lens up a bit, that's how humid it was.  Nasty to work in. 

We are back home and ready to start work again on Tiny this weekend.  We have our new table saw and received word that our custom bent end caps for the roof are ready for pick up.  Hoping that weather permits us to get quite a bit done.  Here's hoping for good weather!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  :)


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you were getting on. Glad to hear your dad is ok. (NightShadow)

Chrissy Stanley said...

Thanks. He's doing well. We are back at it now. Hubby is doing some minor things this week and we should be able to start getting the interior ready for insulation! Hope you are well Night! :)